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Please Join Us in Honoring our 2018 Pro Bono Volunteers

CTLP has long recognized that the backbone of our program to protect the rights of Virginia’s low- and moderate-income taxpayers is the strong and continuous support we receive from the tax professionals – attorneys, CPAs, and enrolled agents – who comprise our Pro Bono Panel. Their generosity enables us to provide assistance to approximately 1,000 taxpayers annually. The following tax professionals, advisers, law student interns, and administrative volunteers who have assisted CTLP clients during the past year are representative of the commitment and generosity shared by all of CTLP’s volunteers.

Outstanding Firms

For any pro bono activity to succeed, the firms which employ tax professionals must have a commitment to the spirit of pro bono. CTLP has been fortunate to have formed partnerships with firms in Virginia and Washington, DC whose commitment to giving back to their communities is particularly noteworthy. For 2018, we extend special thanks to these partner firms:
Hunton Andrews Kurth,
Dixon Hughes Goodman,
Williams Mullen,
LeClair Ryan,
Crowgey & Associates,
Moss & Riggs,
Rue & Associates,
The Tax Complex,

The following attorneys, CPAs, EAs, and firms provided assistance in over 50 cases referred by CTLP.  Each one of them deserves recognition for their generosity and professionalism.

  • Andreas Andrews
  • Elizabeth Atkinson
  • Craig D. Bell
  • James Chapman
  • Guy Crowgey
  • Stephanie Dourado
  • Barbara Ebert
  • Jason Fisher
  • Kate Fletcher
  • Frances F. Goldman
  • Flora Hezel
  • Timothy Jacobs
  • Michael Kummer
  • Joshua Labat
  • Brockenbrough Lamb
  • Alison Vail Lennarz
  • Anne Loomis
  • Bill Lowrance
  • Matthew T. Moss
  • Jay Nanavati
  • Raymond Nations
  • Thomas Nesbitt
  • Kimberly Nolte
  • Nathan Olansen
  • Franke Paulett
  • Bradley Ridlehoover
  • Steve Rue and the team
  •   at Rue & Associates
  • Skadden Arps
  • J. Christian Tennant


CTLP is indebted to its Board and Advisory Board members who make time to advise staff and work behind the scenes to help CTLP achieve its mission.

CTLP Board of Directors

  • Bradley Ridlehoover,
  •   President
  • Christopher S. Johnson,
  •   Vice-president
  • Denise M. Holmes,
  •   Treasurer
  • Maura Winston,
  •   Secretary
  • Flora T. Hezel
  •   Immediate Past President
  • W. Joseph Bugg, III
  • Brandy J. F. Burnett
  • Matthew Cooper
  • Guy Crowgey
  • Barbara Ebert
  • Nick Harrison
  • Timothy L. Jacobs
  • William J. Lagos, Jr.
  • Matthew T. Moss
  • Jay Nanavati
  • Mark J. Nelson
  • Mary Torretta
  • Joshua C. Wykle

CTLP Advisory Board

  • Elizabeth J. Atkinson
  • Craig D. Bell
  • Neil Birkhoff
  • Samuel A. Derieux
  • John W. Flora
  • Frances F. Goldman
  • J. William Gray, Jr.

Law Student Interns and Administrative Volunteers

In addition, CTLP salutes an outstanding group of law student interns and administrative volunteers who make our day-to-day work possible.

  • Charles Brooks
  • Christopher Everett
  • Emily Fornshell
  • Regan Fuerst
  • Anne Hayes
  • Isaac Kalyinda Mulenga
  • Terri Morris
  • Alec Sable
  • Fenan Samuel
  • David Scheiderer

Each year, CTLP volunteers demonstrate their commitment to achieving justice and fairness for the working poor in our state and federal tax systems by their generous donation of time and expertise to CTLP’s important work. Thank you for your outstanding service on behalf of Virginia’s low-income families.